Baroness Ravioli

Living on a tropical island isn’t always beach and sand, sometimes we do normal stuff; like get into character at a Murder Mystery Night.

I was given the task of transforming myself into Baroness Ravioli. Her mobster son Jimmy had bought the title for her. My character was positive that she was better than everyone else at the party, set in a 1920’s Speak-Easy nightclub. Assembling a suitable costume (to truly get into character) proved challenging. Baroness Ravioli’s tiara and jewelry were contructed from a glittery christmas gift bag. She needed to have a feathery fan. Hunting in souvenir shops in West End, I found a fan, but it had pictures of Snoopy all over it (not sure what that has to do with Roatan.) She still needed feathers. Stopping by Cocolobo to borrow a fedora from Ron (for Dave’s character as the inspector) Ron informed me that their cat had recently caught a bird and he hadn’t buried it yet…Baroness Ravioli got the needed feathers.

Properly attired and in character, the party got going. What a riot…Baroness Ravioli was aloof, and nasty–actually a downright bitch. The only picture of her was snapped after the Murder Mystery was over (trust me she never smiled.) Anyhow, during the course of the evening, Baroness Ravioli’s son Jimmy got murdered and she was going to have to share her inheritance with his second wife (of two weeks.) Baroness Ravioli found a weapon and was going to snub her out, but the second wife had an immunity card. The only other person that Baroness Ravioli had reason to eliminate was her granddaughter (who she would also have to share her inheritance with.) But…come on she couldn’t do that to her granddaughter. She SHOULD HAVE though. Turns out it was her granddaughter who had killed her son Jimmy. Dave’character, the Inspector, was to busy to figure it out.

When it was all over, we were given cards to fill out. Who we thought committed the murder and why, best costume, best Performance. To my absolute surprise I took home the Oscar for best performance as Baroness Ravioli…you know how it goes in the biz…the best actors can transform themselves. Well maybe I’m not ready to head to Hollywood yet. I just hid behind a Snoopy Feathered Fan.

Cast of Characters:

Our Hosts, Joanne and Mark, at the Oasis, Guava Grove.

Baroness Ravioli's granddaughter (murderer!)


Pauline, winner for best costume.

Jimmy's greedy second wife (seated.) Don't let the grin on her face fool you.


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3 Responses to “Baroness Ravioli”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Great new blog Genny! Enjoying reading about your continuing adventures as a Roatan resident.

    Congrats on your triumph as the Baroness. Sounds like a lot of fun – plus extra kudos for your work on the snoopy fan 🙂

    Keep up the good work – looking forward to reading more over the sleepless nights ahead. Rach x

  2. Patricia Lemelin Says:

    Now your an actress, what other talents have you got up your sleeve? It sounds like the show was a real hoot, wish I could have been there.

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