Compass at Cocolobo

Compass Design and Application at Cocolobo, West End.

I never can turn down a challenge. What a great idea! Thanks for suggesting it Ron.

Got a sunburn working on this one, but Bonnie set up some umbrellas and lent me a hat to get me through it. The end result made it worth while.

Now there is no mistaking how to position your lounger.

Or which way the sailboats are coming from.

This posting can also be found in Creative Endeavours (in the sidebar). Just scroll past all the other stuff I’ve done.


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5 Responses to “Compass at Cocolobo”

  1. Richard Fletcher Says:

    That looks great, can’t wait to see it on the 27th of this month. Snow and cold up here in Idaho but the Olympics are fun to watch. I like your blog, keep it up.

    • gennyca Says:

      Hi Richard,
      When you get to Roatan it definitely won’t be snowing here. We all complained about the Arctic Blast the other night…it went down to 68F.

  2. Linda Ladouceur Says:

    compass looks great Genny – the pictures even do it justice!

  3. Laurie aka little Sis :) Says:

    Looks great Genny, you are soo talented! You must be related to me lol 🙂

    • gennyca Says:

      Okay you got me back! You were the one who got stuck in the statue at Stanley Park, Vancouver. Don’t worry I won’t say anything about the potty seat.

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