Creative Endeavors

Even if I try to restrain myself…I can’t do it, I LOVE TO DECORATE AND PAINT! Now before you dismiss looking at this page. I want you to know that what I do isn’t the norm.  I truly believe it is a calling…of sorts. Living on Roatan has given me the opportunity to expand into directions I’ve always dreamed of. The wealth of natural inspirations and supplies keeps me busy.

First Up: My Kitchen, Reverse Aquarium (the coral and shells are real, the fish are fake) and faux tile backsplash. Note: All coral, shells, etc. were found on the shore while walking on the beach.  Once, something I brought home started crawling away. I immediately returned it to the ocean. (Click on each picture to see a full screen image-give it a few seconds to download.)

Next Up, Captain Ron’s Hide Away : Carol saw what I had done in my kitchen and asked if I would be interested in helping her out with one of their rental units. Poor me, I spent a week hanging out at their beach front property, doing what I love to do.


Tita’s Birthday Present: She loves pink seahorses. I purchased a plain framed mirror and transformed it with a little beach sand and acrylic paint. She was going to display it at Tita’s Pink Seahorse Beach Bar in West End…but decided she wanted to hang it up at home.

Good friends, Ton and Zilla, own and operate Villagio Verde, They challenged me to create tropical, yet unique designs for the cabana bathrooms. The first one I did was an abstract sensation of being underwater.

Bathroom 2…well, how about something a little more realistic. And perhaps a boat…yah that’s it, a boat.


Bathroom #3, We’re on a roll now. How about a sunset, a dock…maybe somebody snorkeling. “But I don’t do people.” If they’re snorkeling you don’t have to show much. “Okay.”


I found an amazing piece of driftwood on the beach one day and knew it would make an excellent sign–but for what? Then Loren opened ‘Soothe Your Soul’ in the new Mega Plaza. She offers many services and products, including Island made herbs and wines. I was glad to contribute to highlighting the display.

Note: Still stocking shelves.

A good selection now available.

                             Mona posing with first photo of sign.


Compass Design and Application at Cocolobo, West End.

I never can turn down a challenge. What a great idea! Thanks for suggesting it Ron.

Got a sunburn working on this one, but Bonnie set up some umbrellas and lent me a hat to get me through it. The end result made it worth while.

Now there is no mistaking how to position your lounger.

Or which way the sailboats are coming from.


5 Responses to “Creative Endeavors”

  1. Cheryl Grant-Schimke Says:

    I received Google alerts and your blog page was near the top today! Intrigued by the first lines of how you were introduced to Roatan, I clicked. I enjoyed your photos of the lively painting/decorating style it is very islandy. We are still in the Great White North with dreams of one day retiring in Roatan. We all share a commonality. Keep writing and painting!

  2. Michelle Muller Says:

    Really enjoy the bright painting you do and what a haven you are in to be able to work! Any direction you look in would be beautiful on cavass!

  3. Pam Says:

    Hey Genny!

    I absolutly Love you creative side. Its all so very me…. as well. All the tropical island colors and marine life. I do painted T shirts and plan to do more as well once I move to Roatan. Dennis and I have a little island art business planned… hope we can pull it off! Ton and Zilla are our rental agents for the house at Turtling Bay. We haven’t met them face to face yet… but they have been very friendly and helpful. I can see already it is a VERY SMALL ISLAND!!! I cant wait to come out to Roatan next month . ITs cold and wet here in Oregon! is my husband website for his glass work.

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