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Olympic Hockey Night in Canada on Roatan, at Sundowners

March 2, 2010


Dave and me, before it got too crazy!

Sunday’s game…the ultimate game for the GOLD couldn’t be missed. And even though, I live on the tropical Island of Roatan, Honduras, I got to see, and experience it!

The place to go was Sundowners, West End. The game started at 2pm…The seats were all taken by 1pm, and when the puck dropped, it was squish-in room only. Which is fine since Sundowners is an open air, no walls, fab Beach Bar.

When you get to West End, you hang a right at the triangle (t-intersection), straight ahead—the Caribbean Ocean. A short stroll, and on the ocean-side you arrive at Sundowners. You’ll know you’re there when you see the “Maple Leaf Fan Parking Only” sign on the fence.  The structure is wood and bamboo, with a palm thatched roof.

Squeeze in!

A couple of stairs lead you in from the sand road. The bar takes up most of the space, lined with stools and a convenient rail to hoist yourself onto.  A big screen TV is located were all the patrons can get a good view, and beside it (I love this) a flag, representing the Canadian Hockey Team, flaps gently in the breeze, matching the sway of the palm trees. Next to that, a couple more stairs down and you are on the beach. Off to the other side of those stairs; a deck, another TV, beach chairs, built-in picnic tables, and wooden couches with colourful cushions.

The crowd was plentiful and diverse. The most predominant group; Canadians—we all wore red and maple-leafed gear; some had flags to wave (and poke at the Americans.) Next up the Americans, they weren’t dressed as flashy as the Canadians. It was real easy to pick them out, when Canada scored a goal…oh come on my American friends, you know we love ya. Toss in people from the UK, Ireland, Italy, Holland, etc. We had our own Olympic community. I think we confused, or perhaps educated our Honduran friends in attendance; many have never experienced snow or ice first-hand—let alone hockey.


Ocean Side!

The Beach Crowd!

Game On!

The game began. The crowd intently watched. The first goal, by Canada, and the roar was deafening, the second goal, and repeat reaction as to the first. America scores, it’s their turn to yell. They tie it with only seconds remaining…okay now we really know who the Americans in the crowd are. And then…minutes into overtime, Sidney Crosby scores—Canada wins!

He Scores! can you pick out the Americans...sorry Paul.

Did I say the first goals scored, caused a deafening roar? Compared to what came after the winning goal—that was a whisper in comparison. Oh my God! I had my hands over my ears, but realized I was making just as much noise as the next Canadian—and I couldn’t stop.

Then Aaron, Sundowners owner brought out the Gold Schlager for the Canadians to pass around, and Silver Tequila for the Americans…nice touch Aaron! Except, I understand you’re still not feeling so good.

Canada Wins!!!


Compass at Cocolobo

February 16, 2010

Compass Design and Application at Cocolobo, West End.

I never can turn down a challenge. What a great idea! Thanks for suggesting it Ron.

Got a sunburn working on this one, but Bonnie set up some umbrellas and lent me a hat to get me through it. The end result made it worth while.

Now there is no mistaking how to position your lounger.

Or which way the sailboats are coming from.

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Baroness Ravioli

January 23, 2010

Living on a tropical island isn’t always beach and sand, sometimes we do normal stuff; like get into character at a Murder Mystery Night.

I was given the task of transforming myself into Baroness Ravioli. Her mobster son Jimmy had bought the title for her. My character was positive that she was better than everyone else at the party, set in a 1920’s Speak-Easy nightclub. Assembling a suitable costume (to truly get into character) proved challenging. Baroness Ravioli’s tiara and jewelry were contructed from a glittery christmas gift bag. She needed to have a feathery fan. Hunting in souvenir shops in West End, I found a fan, but it had pictures of Snoopy all over it (not sure what that has to do with Roatan.) She still needed feathers. Stopping by Cocolobo to borrow a fedora from Ron (for Dave’s character as the inspector) Ron informed me that their cat had recently caught a bird and he hadn’t buried it yet…Baroness Ravioli got the needed feathers.

Properly attired and in character, the party got going. What a riot…Baroness Ravioli was aloof, and nasty–actually a downright bitch. The only picture of her was snapped after the Murder Mystery was over (trust me she never smiled.) Anyhow, during the course of the evening, Baroness Ravioli’s son Jimmy got murdered and she was going to have to share her inheritance with his second wife (of two weeks.) Baroness Ravioli found a weapon and was going to snub her out, but the second wife had an immunity card. The only other person that Baroness Ravioli had reason to eliminate was her granddaughter (who she would also have to share her inheritance with.) But…come on she couldn’t do that to her granddaughter. She SHOULD HAVE though. Turns out it was her granddaughter who had killed her son Jimmy. Dave’character, the Inspector, was to busy to figure it out.

When it was all over, we were given cards to fill out. Who we thought committed the murder and why, best costume, best Performance. To my absolute surprise I took home the Oscar for best performance as Baroness Ravioli…you know how it goes in the biz…the best actors can transform themselves. Well maybe I’m not ready to head to Hollywood yet. I just hid behind a Snoopy Feathered Fan.

Cast of Characters:

Our Hosts, Joanne and Mark, at the Oasis, Guava Grove.

Baroness Ravioli's granddaughter (murderer!)


Pauline, winner for best costume.

Jimmy's greedy second wife (seated.) Don't let the grin on her face fool you.